It's about enabling each person to play their very best.

With Distinctively-designed, custom golf clubs. Custom fitted. Crafted-to-spec just for you.

Our Approach is to provide you with the world’s finest designed, custom fitted, and custom golf clubs to improve your game.

1. It starts with you - your unique body dimensions, performance, and goals.

2. Your custom fit recommendation, which we can provide remotely, specifies your ideal size and set makeup selected from our club design line-up.

3. With your fit in hand, your custom golf clubs are then flawlessly hand crafted on-site by our craftsmen to your precise specifications, ready to serve for a lifetime of better golf.

We Start With You

You didn’t come off assembly line, why settle for clubs that do?  Before crafting your custom fit set, we use our patented, proprietary fitting system to determine your optimum fit.

Our Designs

Every club we design is focused on solid performance. Each design is conceptualized, blueprinted and then machined out of a billet of alloy. Our designs lean toward traditional shapes with a modern twist.

Our Crafting Process

Your custom clubs start with you. Start by determine your optimum fit and then build your clubs matching the best design to your unique fit. Our clubs are the definition of bespoke manufacturing.

Finest Custom Clubs

33+ years designing and crafting the finest golf clubs available.  Utilizing the latest technology, traditional, proven designs, the finest materials, and our patented fitting system.

Play Your Best

Your new clubs will be impeccably fit to your physique. We guarantee that your clubs will feel, function, and look better than any golf equipment ever produced.  Start playing better golf today.

Oahu Location

Visit our Oahu showroom located at 1188 Bishop St Suite 1409 in Honolulu discover your optimum fit and check out our club offerings. Steve Lee will put a club in your hand that is sure to enhance your game.

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Your customer service is top of the line. I can’t believe the difference in the attention to fitting the clubs to each specific golfer. I was playing with what I thought was fitted clubs from a local golf store. I walked into your store with that set and you knew exactly which side of the golf course I was hitting the ball too. I had been playing with to short a clubs. What a difference when I starting playing with the set I was custom fitted at your store for. Can’t thank you enough.


Tim S.

Really enjoyed working with Brandon, as a new and not highly skilled golfer, he made me feel comfortable, so that I wasn’t nervous about having someone watch me swing. He and Jay were both great about explaining to me what they’d do to adjust my clubs to fit me better. And they were done on time, which is important to me. Jay also answered some of my other questions about their process and technology, and I look forward to seeing them again when I’m ready to purchase some new clubs. I have absolute confidence they’re the right folks to help me keep developing my game.