AVIAN 255 Hybrids

Compact two piece design, High tensile strength 450 stainless steel, square face angle set up, Designed for playability from all lie conditions, CNC machined face and grooves combined with variable face thickness and proprietary internal weighting facilitate optimum control and strong high launch angles for maximum carry.
The AVIAN 255 Hybrids feature modern finishes on a compact, square design.  Designed to provide strong high launch that allows for maximum consistent carry distance with high angles of decent to hold approaches into targets.

Two piece design, the body and sole are investment cast from 450 high tensile strength stainless steel.  Face and grooves are CNC machined resulting in hybrids that deliver an uncompromising level of precision and control.  Faces are of variable thickness allowing for maximum allowable ball speed.

450 stainless steel is a martensitic type stainless steel that has high ductility and strength.  This produces durable, solid feeling hybrids.

Each of our hybrids were designed to conform with the rules of golf.  Designed to provide consistent distance and direction.

Our AVIAN 255 Hybrids are available in a 2 hybrid with 17° loft and is 135CC, 3 hybrid with 20° loft and is 123CC, and 4 hybrid with 23.5° loft and 115CC.

All models feature adjustable weighting through a screw located on the rear portion of the sole plate.  Differing weights alter launch angle.

Hybrids come with their respective premium all leather “Winged B” head cover.

As with any of our club offerings, a comprehensive dimensional club fitting analysis is included to determine your optimal club specifications.  This covers shaft length, type, and flex; club lie angle; club loft; weight; grip size; and, set make up.

After a professional fitting evaluation we will determine the exact loft and weight that will provide you with excellent and consistent results.  We guarantee we will build you the best fitting hybrids available.  Designed and built to fit your physique impeccably, delivering the highest level of performance.

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*Other shaft options and customization available, please contact us at 206-725-7872 for questions & quotes

**Please fill out our Dimensional Fitting evaluation before or after ordering your custom clubs to ensure your clubs fit your physique impeccably


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Now I know why having properly fitted golf clubs is so important.  My new Avian 2 hybrid is a phenomenal golf club!  I used it for the first time on my recent trip to Palm Springs, and I must say… it is my new best friend.  The club was effortless to hit off both the tee and fairways.  Thanks again for your attention to detail in helping me through the fitting process. Chris Pearson

President, Sales & Marketing Associates Northwest, Inc.

Shafts, Grips & Personalization

Properly matching the golf shaft to a player’s ability is extremely important. The golf shaft stores the energy generated during the golf swing. When the shaft has been properly fitted, it works for you, maximizing control and distance. We have a broad selection of shafts representing the latest in graphite technologies that feature different shaft patterns and flexes letting us precisely tailor the right fit for you.

Grips also play an important role for you to properly control a golf club. The right grip will provide comfort and control throughout the swing and improve your ability to return the club to the proper position at impact. We’ll install your best option from our range of grip materials and sizes.

Shafts and Grips: Your optimal custom fit – club length and lie angle, grip size, shaft type and flex, clubhead type, and more – is calculated from our Dimensional Fitting Algorithm and your responses to evaluation questions regarding the state of your game. If you’re able to visit us in person, a session on our TrackMan 4 also contributes. We then custom craft your clubs, drawing on our selection of shaft and grip models from premium manufacturers.

Flex: Ladies, Senior, Regular & Stiff

Upcharge: N/A

Orange Flex: 65-Senior, 65-Regular, 65-Stiff, 75-Regular, 75-Stiff

Green Flex: 65-Regular, 65-Stiff,65-X,  75-Regular, 75-Stiff, 75-X

Upcharge: +$25.00

Flex: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$60.00

Rogue 110 MSI Flex: Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$75.00

Flex: Special order, call for info

Upcharge: +$125.00