AVIAN Classic Forged Wedges

Avian forged muscleback wedges feature a blade like design with centered GC weighting, Forged from soft S20C carbon steel with CNC machined face, grooves and blade back for unparalleled precision and accuracy, These wedges deliver an uncompromising level of shot making versatility and control.

The trio of AVIAN classic forged, muscleback wedges feature a traditional blade shape and are designed as the perfect complement to both our AVIAN 530 irons and RedBird 725 irons.

Forged from super soft, yet dense S20C carbon steel, the forged blanks are meticulously CNC-machined resulting in wedges that deliver an uncompromising level of precision and control expected from your “scoring” clubs.

AVIAN wedges feature multi-radiused sole grinds and moderate bounce for enhanced playability from all lies on turf and in sand, from clean to challenging. They are ideal for the avid player who desires versatility, soft feel, and maximum control.

These wedges have CNC micro-milled faces and grooves to provide the most uniform, pattern-designed face surface available. Grooves have been designed to conform with USGA requirements for volume, spacing, and edge sharpness. This delivers consistent performance and the maximum legal amount of backspin on all swings, from full approach to touch shots around the green.

Three models are available: Sand, & Lob. *Utility is currently unavailable. Each has a standard loft, but can be adjusted to achieve the ideal gap distance for your wedge set.

*Other shaft options and customization available, please contact us at 206-725-7872 for questions & quotes

**Please fill out our Dimensional Fitting evaluation before or after ordering your custom clubs to ensure your clubs fit your physique impeccably

The Avian U Wedge has 50° of standard loft and 10° of bounce and features a radiused leading edge. Loft adjustments to meet gap distance needs range from 48° to 52°. *Utility is currently unavailable

​Avian S Wedge has 55° of standard loft and 15° of bounce with a radiused leading edge. Loft adjustments range from 53° to 57°.

Avian L Wedge has 60° of standard loft and 10° of bounce with a radiused leading edge. Loft adjustments range from 58° to 62°. Custom bounce hand-grinding is also available for all three models – just give us a call.

As with any of our club offerings, a comprehensive dimensional club fitting analysis is included to determine your optimal club specifications.  This covers shaft length, type, and flex; club lie angle; club loft; weight; grip size; and, set make up.


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It was my first competitive round playing with my new AVIAN wedges.  I made 5 birdies in a row to shoot 67 at Fairwood in the Senior PGA Pro Am!  2017 is off to a great start!

Tom Sovay

Director of Instruction, Redmond Ridge

Shafts, Grips & Personalization

Properly matching the golf shaft to a player’s ability is extremely important. The golf shaft stores the energy generated during the golf swing. When the shaft has been properly fitted, it works for you, maximizing control and distance. We have a broad selection of shafts representing the latest in graphite and steel technologies that feature different shaft patterns and flexes letting us precisely tailor the right fit for you.

Grips also play an important role for you to properly control a golf club. The right grip will provide comfort and control throughout the swing and improve your ability to return the club to the proper position at impact. We’ll install your best option from our range of grip materials and sizes.

Shafts and Grips: Your optimal custom fit – club length and lie angle, grip size, shaft type and flex, clubhead type, and more – is calculated from our Dimensional Fitting Algorithm and your responses to evaluation questions regarding the state of your game. If you’re able to visit us in person, a session on our TrackMan 4 also contributes. We then custom craft your clubs, drawing on our selection of shaft and grip models from premium manufacturers.

Flex: Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: N/A

Flex: Wedge

Upcharge: N/A

Flex: Regular, Stiff

Upcharge: +$50.00

Flex: Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$50.00

Flex: Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$60.00

Flex: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff

Upcharge: N/A

Flex: F-1 (Ladies), F-2 (Senior), F-3 (Regular), F-4 (Stiff)

Upcharge: +$25.00

Flex: Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$60.00

Flex: Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, X

Upcharge: +$80.00

Personalize your AVIAN Classic Forged Wedges

Once your fitting has been completed, only then will we deploy our wide range of premium club building options to craft a new set of wedges that meets exactly with your unique fit size and performance requirements. Additionally, you can personalize your set with colored grips and ferrules and have your initials stamped on each clubhead. If you know your preferred wedge set specifications, you can order now from our Online Shop.