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Bespoke clubs that start with you.

Our point of difference is that we start with you.  Through our patented fitting system, we determine your specifications before your custom set is built.  Our philosophy is to build your set for you in a manner similar to how a bespoke Savile Row tailor would craft a custom tailored suit for you.  Measurements are determined first, materials and flourishes come next and then our craftsmen will meticulously build your set to fit you perfectly.  The result?  Clubs with impeccable fit and finish that allow you to perform to the best of your abilities.

You didn't come off an assembly line, why settle for clubs that do?

We utilize the latest technology combined with the highest quality materials and our precise fitting technology to craft each club with the performance to match its perfect fit.

Our craftsmen craft each club on-site after utilizing our unique fitting approach.  We determine your optimal combination of club head model, shaft and flex, club lie and loft angle, grip size, and weight. Each set of clubs is balanced by matching the correct combination of head, shaft, and grip weights.  This ensures proper incremental total weight spacing and swing weight without the use of added weights to achieve balance.

Each club is fitted and crafted specifically for you.

Avian 455 Titanium Driver (HL & TL)

Two piece construction, 90/6/4 cast beta titanium body & forged DAT 55G face, Designed to provide impact stability while delivering a balanced blend of forgiveness and control while providing maximum allowable ball speeds & distance.

Available in High Launch (11.5°-13.5°) and Tour Launch (9°-11°).

AVIAN 355 Fairway Metals

Classically shaped, Compact two piece design, cast from high tensile strength 450 AISI stainless steel, Designed for playability from all conditions.

Available in 3 (15.5°), 5 (19°) and 7 (22.5°).

Avian 255 Hybrids

Compact square two piece design, High tensile strength 450 AISI stainless steel, Low c/g design provides strong flight and high trajectories from the most challenging lies.

Available in 2 (17°), 3 (20°) and 4 (23.5°).

AVIAN 530 Irons

Striking, Distinctive Design Appeal, Compact, Forged Cavity Back Design, Maximum Control & Maneuverability.

Available right-handed 3-UW and left-handed 4-UW.

AVIAN Forged Wedges

Versatile, Soft Feel, Maximum Control, Forged, super soft, yet dense S20C carbon steel.

Available in UW (48°-52°), SW (53°-57°) and LW (58°-62°).

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