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Don’t Buy another Golf Club until you take our Challenge

There is a lot of noise from golf club the manufactures whether it’s PXG, Taylormade or Titlelist etc.  What’s right for you?  What about going the Cool Clubs or Club Champion route and what they are doing for club fittings?   So, I decided to get a new set of Clubs and upgrade my Mizuno MP62’s which were 10 years old.  Before rushing into this decision, I decided I wanted truly custom clubs – fit to me not built in mass production in some far away plant, and then manipulated to me from some 3rd party. I looked at this like buying a suit.  I could go bespoke or I could go mass produced. I didn’t come off a factory line so why should my clubs?  I wanted custom clubs.

Having been in the golf business for 10 years with Boxgroove and based out of Seattle, I had heard of a Seattle based company called Jeffmont (previously Redbird Sports) which Jay Turner created some 30+ years ago.   Everyone I spoke to in the area had only positive comments and support for their Jeffmont Clubs.  These Jeffmont converts were like Tesla or Apple owners – fervent – once fitted for clubs they never went back to the other mass-produced clubs.

So here is my experience and why I want to share this with my fellow Boxgroove members.  I have no dog in this hunt – just an incredible experience with these Clubs.  I am not getting paid by Jeffmont for this write up. This is my way of helping another person in the golf business when very few helped us along the way when we started Boxgroove in 2008.  Our way of paying it forward and hoping a few more golfers discover Jeffmont.

Some of you reading this might be thinking – I’m not flying to Seattle from St. Louis or Pittsburgh for clubs I have never heard of and how could truly custom clubs be built without the club maker ‘touching” or “seeing me”.  Hence, THAT is why I’m writing this.  It starts with Jay’s fitting system.  Jay’s patented system takes into consideration the best of both Static and Dynamic fitting processes.   My Trackman results below will prove otherwise if you don’t believe me!

At Jeffmont, their patented dimensional fitting system ensures that each client’s golf clubs fit properly.  The patented Dimensional Fitting System utilizes an algorithm developed by owner and founder, Jay Turner after fitting for over 30 years and completing more than 50,000 fits.  The algorithm factors your unique physical measurements proportionally as well as dynamically.  The results are determined for you, including a biomechanically sound recommendation for shaft length and club lie angle for each club in your set.

The dimensional fitting method differs from others because they fit your clubs to your physical dimensions. Other companies fit your swing; when you fit a swing with flaws, the fit will only function “properly” when said flaws are present.

Jay took my 6 measurements like a tailor that he needed to make me my set of clubs.  This took him less than 2 minutes.  He needed my height, waist size, in-seam, distance from tip of middle finger to the floor, length of my middle finger and the length of my wrist to the tip of my middle finger.  That’s it!

Several hours later Jay had a custom 7 Iron for me to hit.  We went into the hitting bay in his shop and put me on Trackman.   Remember I had a set of Mizuno MP 62’s that were 10 years old.  I had these custom fit at Scioto Country Club in August of 2008 by the Mizuno fitting team.  This was a dynamic fitting done out on the driving range.   When Jay saw my Mizuno 7 iron his first comment was – “that was a pretty good fit – they got 85 to 90% right.”  My first thought was – well that is pretty good so I wonder if his clubs could be that much better if it’s only 10 to 15% better fit?

I hit 6 balls on Trackman with my Mizuno 7 iron, then 6 balls with my Jeffmont 7 Iron, then 6 balls back with the Mizuno 7 Iron and then 6 balls back with the Jeffmont 7 Iron.  Here is the data:

7 Iron MP62 – 154 yards with 31 feet of left dispersion from center.   A slight draw 10 yards off center.

7 Iron Jeffmont – 163 yards with 11 feet of dispersion from center.  A slight draw 3.5 yards off center

I play to a 12 index with about 15 – 30 rounds per year played and my first 4 rounds using these clubs October 7th – 10th 2018 at the Cliffs in South Carolina:

80, 86, 78, 83.   Every club in my bag is the same loft as my old Mizunos and my distances are playing consistently 10 – 15 yards longer.  The cost of his clubs are comparable or the same as latest models from Titlelist, Taylormade, Calloway etc.

What do you have to lose?  Take our 5-minute club challenge.  We have included a video to show you how to quickly get your 6 fit measurements and a survey of a few questions to fill out.

Measurement Video:

Fit Form:


Jay will pay the shipping costs both ways, take 15% off list price using promo code – Boxgroove, and will give you a 12-month $49 premium membership to Boxgroove for just trying the clubs.  If you pass on these clubs, Jay will even give you your fitting measurements so you can use them with a different manufacture of your choice. Take your Jeffmont fitted club to the range and golf course hitting it for several weeks.  Have your local golf professional put you on a launch monitor in case you need to see the data as well to confirm fit.    Get started by calling Jay at (206) 725-7872 or email at:

We hope you like these clubs and we look forward to your feedback.   We hope you share your experience with us as well.

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