90% of all golf clubs are the wrong size and fit.

Golf is tough enough, but with clubs that don’t fit properly, you’re making it more difficult than it should be.

Having clubs that fit you correctly is crucial to your performance.

While club design and quality are important, they are irrelevant if the club length and lie angle does not fit you correctly.  Poorly fit clubs reinforce swing flaws and lead the formation of bad habits.  Clubs with your correct length and lie angle facilitate proper swing motion, consistency, and power.  Your best effort becomes your best result.

Offering Revolutionary Fitting Solution

Our patented Dimensional Fitting System utilizes an algorithm developed by owner and founder, Jay Turner. The algorithm was developed after fitting for 30+ years and completing more than 50,000 fits.  The algorithm factors your physical measurements proportionally as well as dynamically.  The results are determined for you, including a biomechanically sound recommendation for shaft length and club lie angle for each club in your set.

Our fitting method differs from others because we fit your clubs to your physical dimensions. Other companies fit your swing; when you fit a swing with flaws, the fit will only function “properly” when said flaws are present.

Our patented Dimensional Fitting System is available worldwide.  There are a number of ways to discover your optimum club shaft length and lie angle (your “size”).

Your optimum size can be determined at our site in Seattle, WA.  Measurements are taken and entered into our fitting algorithm to determine your precise fit.

We hold fitting days at numerous authorized golf facilities.  On site, our fitting professionals use our real-time fitting app to provide your optimal fit. Be sure to visit our Events page to check for future activities. ​

*Our Trackman 4 is available for fits at our location and at our Seattle area demo days.

If you are not located near one of our fitting locations, our online fitting evaluation is here.  Once you submit your evaluation, we will determine your optimum fit (JDFS size, model and set make up, shaft type and flex, and grip size) and a PDF with your exact specifications will be emailed.

A full specs sheet can be purchased, which includes a length and lie angle as well as grip size for each club in your set. This can be used to purchase other club brands or adjust your current set.

My best golf years are in the rear view mirror having played golf professionally at a high level and now teaching the game at a high level as a PGA Member. My custom golf clubs from the mad scientist Jay Turner have given me back that feeling when I hit the golf ball. I can feel the sound of the strike again.  My clubs are fit to me and only me.  As a teacher, I believe that when a student’s clubs fit properly they will maximize their potential! In Jay I Trust! David Havens

Director of Instruction, The Havens Experience

“Thank you both for all your help, great service and excellent clubs.  The difference in my game with your clubs is simply amazing.  The consistency afforded by the perfect fit allows me to concentrate on improving my swing.  Thanks for making golf fun again.” Mike Downey


To play your best your clubs must fit, getting the proper shaft length and lie angle is critical.

Everyone has an optimal golf club fit that facilitates a biomechanically efficient motion resulting in a balanced and powerful swing from address to impact to follow-through.

Discovering your optimum fit relies on two key factors that are unique for each player and based on your physical dimensions.

Two key factors:
1. Height of the golf club off of the ground:  The distance from the ground to the top of the grip.
2. Ball spacing:  The distance from the ball to where your hands hang vertically at address.

Today’s Fitting Methods

Our Dimensional Fitting Method

  • Anyone, anywhere can be fitted correctly
  • Fast and accurate
  • Results are fact based, objective
  • Fit is based on your physical dimensions, not your swing motion
  • Fit allows for proper swing motion
  • Fit facilitates sustainable improvement
  • New golfers can be fitted properly

Swing-Based Fitting Methods

  • Fit must be completed in person
  • Results are trial and error based, subjective
  • Flaws in the swing effect the fit. The fit only functions “properly” when said flaws are present
  • Inconsistency in swing motion, which swing do you choose?
  • ​Improvement is difficult
  • New golfers cannot be fitted effectively this way

One size does not fit all!

The “one size fits all” approach is used by most major club manufacturers.  Golf is tough enough, but with clubs that are not proportionally and dynamically tailored to you make the sport even more difficult.  Poorly fit clubs prevent you from making your best golf swings.

The few manufacturers that offer fitting do not complete it effectively.  The club head lie angle is not balanced with the shaft length and therefore it results in compromised posture and incorrect ball spacing (shown below).

I stand 4’8” tall and have less than 2 years of experience playing the sport and with the help of Redbird I can now shoot scores in the low 80’s.  I have more fun playing the game thanks to my Redbird irons!

Dan Cusack


I love my new Redbird/Avian sticks. Golf just got a “hole” lot easier and way more fun. The club fit is absolutely perfect! Finally, I don’t have to bend over anymore. Wish I went to see Jay for properly fitted clubs many years ago! Thank you!

John Tessem


Benefits Of Dimensional Fitting

  • Optimal fit = optimal performance
  • Increased distance
  • Better balance
  • Consistent contact
  • Improved rotational efficiency
  • Facilitates sustainable improvement
  • Lower scores
  • More fun!

Get Your Proportional Fit Today

Proportional change occurs what you assume the address position.  Our fitting method fits your body and not your swing – it is objective, not subjective. It works for all golfers, no matter what skill level.

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