Our Designs

30+ years hand crafting the finest golf clubs available

Thought Process

The first thoughts are critical to determining the outcome of your future golf club.  Before designing, we think about the following: shape, function and performance.

Each club maker has a particular shape that they prefer.  Jay tends to stick with non-distracting shapes with smooth lines. He designs clubs that have an elegant, uncluttered and traditional look.

Every design piece on our RedBird and Avian clubs is functional.  If we put something on a club it has a purpose rather than just for looks.  We do not put any shiny medallions or other gaudy extras on our club heads.

 Each club model is designed to fit into a specific performance slot, whether it be control and maneuverability or forgiveness.



Throughout Jay’s 30+ years of experience in the golf business, he has sourced the highest performing alloys for each of his club heads. 

Our Avian 455 Titanium drivers is a two piece design, the face is forged from DAT 55G Titanium and the body is cast from 90/6/4 Titanium, 90% titanium, 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. 90/6/4 Titanium is a high strength beta titanium alloy that allows for consistent casting and crafting lightweight driver heads.  The face is forged out of DAT 55G Titanium, which is a strong and durable Japanese titanium alloy that is utilized in high-end forged driver faces.  This produces high COR, solid feel, and optimum energy transfer, resulting in the highest allowable ball speed.

Our Avian 355 Fairway Metals and 255 Hybrids are two piece designs, the body and sole are investment cast from 450 high tensile strength stainless steel.  450 stainless steel is a martensitic type stainless steel that has high ductility and strength.  This produces durable, solid feeling fairway metals and hybrids.  Face and grooves are CNC machined resulting in fairway metals and hybrids that deliver an uncompromising level of precision and control. 

Our different iron models are forged out of different materials based on what performance characteristics and feel we are aiming for.  Our Avian 530 iron model is forged from soft, yet dense S25C carbon steel and our Avian Forged wedges are crafted from soft, S20C carbon steel.  The 725 iron heads and the 5512 sand wedge are manufactured from 21-8 nickel alloy that is called “sticky metal” in Japan and CNC (computer numerically control) machined from one piece of 21-8.

Our putters are 100% CNC machined out of a solid billet of 303 stainless steel.  This material is a soft, yet dense stainless alloy that lends itself to a good feeling putter.

Putter Design

All of our putters are 100% CNC machined out of 303 stainless steel.  303 stainless is a soft, yet dense alloy that provides good feel.  Jay designs putters that are easy to look at, easy to line up and balanced.  We offer a variety of elegant putter designs that are appealing to all golfers.