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Over 30 years of experience determining the highest level of quality possible.

We Are Picky About Our Shaft Offerings

All of the steel and graphite shafts that we offer, we have tested in house for quality, consistency and performance.

KBS Steel Shafts

KBS is the shaft that we recommend to golfers looking for a value priced, high performing shaft.  They produce a variety of shafts with different flex patterns, flexes, weight ranges and flight patterns. Through testing, we have determined that KBS shafts product consistent results.

KBS was first introduced to the golf industry in 2008. Their lead designer, Kim Braly, designs and produces shafts with performance features to fit every type of golfer.

KBS crafts their golf shafts with an advanced butt which facilitates stability through contact, results in improved accuracy and control. The shafts also features a higher center of gravity, 52% balance point which allows for more mass in the center of the clubhead without altering swing weight.

Shimada Steel Shafts

Shimada is the shaft that we recommend to golfers looking for the highest quality and best performing steel iron shafts.  Through testing, we have determined that Shimada produces the most consistent steel shafts on the market.

Shimada is the first shaft manufacturer in Japan, and have been producing “made in Japan” steel shafts since 1930. Their sole focus is to develop and produce the highest quality steel shafts.

They use a Counter Balance Design Concept in their shafts. This shifts the balance point to the butt area. This helps players keep a steady and consistent swing plane and accelerate the club head at impact.

Shimada’s steel shafts are extruded from a metal billet with their unique drawing processing method. This differs from the ordinary processing method of other steel shafts processed from a metal plate. This Seamless Processing Method enables them to produce spine free shafts with excellent circularity.

Aerotech Graphite Shafts

Aerotech produces some of the best graphite iron shafts on the market.  Their manufacturing process includes fillament winding technology.  This produces shafts with minimal spines – minimal stiffness varience around the axis.  We spine every graphite shaft before we build a client’s clubs and we have determined that Aerotech shafts are some of the easiest to balance.

Aerotech began producing golf shafts in 1994 for some of the large golf club brands and then began producing their own private lable shafts in 2002.

They are dedicated to stretching the limits of shaft performance to increase the player’s performance and enjoyment.  Aerotech creates golf shafts utilizing “innovative design, sophisticated material engineering and superior manufacturing”. They claim to produce the number 1 graphite iron golf shaft available.

Aldila Graphite Shafts

Aldila is the shaft that we put in most of our hybrids, fairway metals, and drivers.  They were one of the first companies to produce and focused on graphite shafts.  Aldila produces a variety of shafts with different flex patterns, flexes, weight ranges and flight patterns.  Through testing, we have determined that Aldila produces consistent shafts and also offer a variety of options.

Aldila shafts are crafteduse their patented Micro Laminate Technology – layering ultra-thin, aerospace grade carbon fibers.  They utilize up to twice as many piles other shaft companies, this produces a stable and high performing graphite shaft.

Aldila’s S-core Technology (Stabilized Core) is another difference. This patented technology utilizes a high modulus carbon fiber rib that runs down the length of the shaft. This technology ensures the shaft’s symmetry and stability are maintained throughout the swing, so maximum energy transfer occurs.

Aldila’s patent pending RIP Technology (Reverse Interlaminar Placement) utilizes unique shaft designs and exclusive materials to transform shaft design from the inside out.  The result is a shaft design with optimum flex and torque characteristics with incredible feel for maximum shot control.

Graphite Design Shafts

Graphite design produces high quality shafts that are definitely worth their higher price point.  They offer many different shafts that target specific player needs.  Graphite design shafts are favored among many tour players and through testing we have determined that their shafts are high quality and it is easy to find a shaft that will provide the best result for each player.

Graphite Design was first established in Japan in 1989.  It is currently one of the largest golf shaft manufacturers.  While producing a high volume of golf shafts they still ensure that they are of the highest quality.

Graphite design utilizes revolutionary technology, design and sourcing the highest quality materials in all their shafts.  They are focused on providing each golfer with the highest performing, consistent golf shaft they can produce.  Graphite Design shafts have been the number one shaft played on the Japan Professional Golf Tour for over thirteen years.

Oban Graphite Shafts

Oban is the shaft that we recommend to golfers looking for a high performance, high quality graphite shaft.  The utilize cutting edge carbon fiber materials to craft their shafts.  Through testing, we have determined that Oban produces very consistent graphite shafts.

Oban is focused on developing the best golf shafts possible. They go through different testing methods to ensure that they are producing the best golf shaft. Oban shafts are tested by top tour players and then perfected by their precision engineering team.

Oban utilizes the highest grade resin and composite fibers available to product complex designs. They continue to push the structural limits of raw graphite by integrating low resin and high stable pre-preg materials. Oban also closely manages every aspect of the shaft manufacturing process to ensure that there are no errors. Graphite pre-preg materials are thoroughly inspected, exacting controls verify weight and flex, and centerless grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained.

Seven Dreamers Graphite Shafts

Seven Dreamers is a relatively new golf shaft company out of Japan, that utilizes some of the most innovative manufacturing techniques. They produce golf shafts that are a net part, there is no sanding or finishing required because of their manufacturing techniques. Through testing, we have determined that the shafts are very consistent, high performance and feel.

Carbon shafts currently on the market are produced by wrapping the core metal (or mandrel) with a prepreg (a thermal shrinkable carbon sheet), and then cured in an oven. The core metal is wrapped with thermal shrinkable tape to create sufficient tension on the shaft. However, removal of the tape causes unevenness on the surface of the shaft. This requires sanding the shaft to remove any unevenness and to make it perfectly round. The process often results in individual variabilities in elasticity and rigidity.

Seven Dreamers utilizes “unique autoclave manufacturing methods and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) molding techniques. The carbon that is used in carbon shafts has a property that hardens when it is heated. The seven dreamers manufacturing method is the same up till the point of wrapping the core metal with the prepreg. (The core metal itself is designed and fabricated to a high accuracy.) They use proprietary molds for curing in an autoclave, they do not use thermal shrink tape.  Without the use of the tape, shafts do not have surface unevenness after curing. Seven Dreamers does not have to grinding and paint the surfaces of their shafts, and as a result, each one of their shafts are produced to the standard they were designed.