Make your current golf clubs fit like a glove

Not ready for a new set? We can fit and adjust your current set to fit you perfectly.

When your clubs fit you correctly, your swing, consistency and distance will improve.  You’ll enjoy the game more.  We can help by retrofitting your current set of clubs to your optimal fit.

Jay Turner knows all golfers are different.  I’m 6’7″ and left handed.  there is no way I would have gotten as good of a fit without the help of the Jeffmont crew.

Nico Van Der Ven


Extend or Reduce Retrofit

Adjust length of graphite or steel shaft to optimum fit and adjust loft and lie.  Includes new Pure grip.

$25.00 per club

Adjust iron loft and lie angle

Check and set iron loft and lie angles to ensure precise yardage gapping and direction.

$7.50 per iron / $60.00 for set (8+)