Fitting Lab

Discover how your optimum fit will improve your golf game

When your clubs fit your body correctly, you will play better golf.

The most efficient and effective way to improve your golf swing (or enable your best swing if you are a new golfer) to achieve maximum distance, accuracy, and consistency is to be fitted in our lab using our Dimensional Fitting Algorithm via our physical kiosk or online app.

Your fit is based on your physical attributes including height, arm length, leg length, waist size, hand size, and weight. Our Fitting Algorithm will establish the optimal club shaft length and lie angle for each club in your set. This is a science-based, objective fitting approach.

Our Jeffmont dimensional sizing scale offers 23 different basic sizes, ranging from a 94 to a 118. Using our sizing scale we accurately fit both male and female golfers, juniors to adults, from 4’0″ to 7’5″ tall. Note that the different sizes don’t just correspond to your height. Our algorithm determines the optimal distance off of the ground your hands should be for both sound address and impact positions. The algorithm is dynamically factored for the changes in the club that occur when it is swung and takes into account the physical changes you undergo at impact.

Once we’ve identified your optimal shaft length and lie angle we’ll refine your fit through further Q&A and a session on our TrackMan 4 to determine your best grip size, shaft type and flex, clubhead type, and more. We have clubs with our length and lie combinations available for you in various shafts and flexes to try.

TrackMan 4 at the Fitting Lab

The other radar system tracks the full ball flight – from launch to landing and everything in between, including launch angle, spin rate, and curvature. With its built-in HD video camera it also captures your golf swing for display and review. 

The TrackMan software provides practice applications and games to develop and sharpen your skills. Popular apps include the Live Shot Analysis, Optimizer, Test Center, and TrackMan Combine, a skills challenge.

Trackman 4 Practice Time

Includes evaluation from one of our Trackman specialists

1/2 Hour Practice Time


1 Hour Practice Time